Asphalt driveway rejuvenation and pothole repairs


Don’t wait until your driveway is cracked, broken and completely ruined. Save thousands by having Terry Sinnamon’s Gravel & Bitumen resurface and rejuvenate it before it’s too late. Resurfacing ensures the colour, design and finish of your bitumen doesn’t fade over time.

Over time, asphalt can break from age, weathering or water damage. We can repair and maintain asphalt using rejuvenation, spot repair, re-grading and overlaying solutions. Call the trusted experts from Terry Sinnamon’s Gravel & Bitumen today for a free quote

Pothole Repairs

Potholes appear during or shortly after heavy rainfall. As water seeps into asphalt and vehicles continuously driving over it, potholes are made wider and deeper. Our team repairs potholes throughout Bundaberg using cold patch and hot asphalt techniques. 

Hot mix asphalt is the preferred solution for patching potholes due to its durability. Cold lay is a quicker repair solution suitable for smaller excavations and potholes.